Friday, August 12, 2011

First week of school and the snacks that help fuel them

School has started once again. It was a short week as they only went yesterday and today. I think it’s better this way. They are able to ease back into it rather than having to deal with the whole five days. I’m getting older, but not so old as I don’t remember how exhausting those first few days are for a child.
Seeing how it is Friday and there is no homework they spent a larger part of the day in the back yard playing. The boys like to jump on the trampoline while the girls play in their rather large kiddy pool. I tend too find myself in there with them. Only of course because the baby wants in…yeah sure that’s it. Everyone is settled in from this long day now and getting ready for sleep. Well, at least I am for sure!
I just finished cleaning the kitchen and taking something out to thaw for tomorrows dinner. I also wanted to make sure I had enough things to survive the weekend such as milk and snacks. Things that seem to go rather quickly in this house. I started to wonder what other parents give their children between meals to stave off the hunger. We all know children can eat most of the day if allowed. At least mine can and they are skinny as can be!
I remember a time when I would give mine a bag of chips or cookies almost every time. This past year I have really cut down on those things. Don’t get me wrong they still get them. Maybe once or twice a week now and that’s about it. The rest of the week I try to give them things that are good for them and things they will actually like. I decided to take a picture of what my children will eat as far as snacks over the weekend. Some of the things may seem rather odd like sardines and smoked oysters, but they like them and they are very good for their little bodies and minds. As you can see there are cookies!
So, what are your children eating at snack time?

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